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Point of Sale for Restaurant Chains

Fast, easy, and efficient, Lavu Franchise iPad POS offers an intuitive front of house interface, complete sales reporting that is customizable by region or individual locations, and management features. The software was designed to improve efficiency and unify locations. Everything you need to run multiple restaurants is included with Lavu POS.

Lavu iPad POS for Chains and Franchises - manage all of your locations from a centralized back of the house interface
Lavu iPad POS for Chains and Franchises

Manage Your Business

Lavu POS makes managing multiple restaurants easy with customizable sales reports, advanced back of house capabilities, and complete account customization.

Comprehensive Reports

View reports remotely based on region, location, or total

Account Customization

Personalize multiple location settings using one account

Accessible Anywhere

Reports and account settings are available anywhere with an internet source

Admin FoH Actions

Void orders, refund payments, and transfer tables using your admin PIN

Front of the House management - Lavu iPad POS for Chains and Franchises


Lavu POS is built specifically for fast paced service environments. Complex orders are easy to place using an intuitive, easy to learn front of house interface.

Quick & Easy Ordering

Sell more during busy times with a fast ordering process

Customizable Menus

Serve drinks made to order with multiple modifier options

Happy Hour Specials

set your schedule for automatic pricing adjustments system-wide

Simple Tip Adjustments

servers can enter tips directly through the Lavu front of house

Back of the House management - Lavu iPad POS for Franchises and Chains


Managing and monitoring multiple locations is easily done through the Lavu back of house. Reports, settings customization, and employee info is available anywhere with an internet source using modern cloud technology.

Real-time Management

updates to settings are applied in real-time to FoH devices

Employee Access Levels

Improve loss prevention and employee accountability

Inventory/Liquor Tracking

Real-time ingredient usage and inventory countdown available

Robust Reports

Know your business with end of day sales and product reports

Lavu iPad POS for Foodtrucks - the best value for your money


Lavu POS is a less expensive alternative to traditional point of sales. With so many features to improve productivity, Lavu POS is an investment that helps save and earn money.

Lower Initial Investment

Save thousands with small upfront cost

Inexpensive Hardware

Spend a fraction of traditional POS costs by using Apple products

Certified Specialist

frontline & onsite support, no contracts or retainers


free twenty-four hour phone support for all Lavu POS clients

  • testimonial_2
    “When it came time for expansion Lavu iPad POS was not only great for the price point but also easy to duplicate for different locations. It took a simple phone call and we were able to have our entire ingredient list, menu items, and other modifications duplicated over to the new location.”

    / Shake Smart

  • Lavu iPad POS for Chains.
    The Green Beans Coffee franchise uses an iPad point of sale and business management system called Lavu. GBC currently has seventeen Lavu accounts worldwide with more locations on track for 2014. The superior system design makes it easy to upgrade, maintain, and/or replace as needed. “Lavu is affordable and very cost effective, vis-a-vis other POS systems. The system setup is fast and uncomplicated, and it’s super easy to train staff.”

    / Green Beans Coffee

10,000+ Terminals + 86 countries + $2 Billion transactions

I wanted to let you guys know how we did last night using your system. We went live and everything went really, really well. It was so smooth. Thank you!

~ Cajun Experience

Sell, Manage & Market in one easy system

Choosing a new Point of Sale (POS) is an opportunity. Lavu is not just accepting payments - Lavu is business management on the iPad. Upgrade your business with the Cloud POS system that was developed specifically for the restaurant / hospitality industry. Lavu has the tools you need to improve efficiency and the bottom line. Love your business.


Best restaurant point of sale for any service type

Quick serve, bars, nightclubs, food trucks, coffee shops, pizzerias, and more...




Fresh Technology

Taking advantage of Apple's reliable technologies, Lavu POS operates on iPads, iPods, and iPhones. The clean, intuitive interface is easy to learn, yet includes the specific industry features that ensure that restaurant operations run smoothly every shift

Front of House Solutions

Split checks

Scheduled discounts

Multiple payment options

Order transfers

Menu item modifiers

Photos & descriptors

Back of House Customization


Lavu makes accepting payments simple. With dozens of integrated processing providers we ensure your business is positioned to get the best possible rates at every stage of your business.

  30+ Payment Providers

  Apple Pay Integrated

  Paypal Wallet


The iPad point of sale revolution is now. Cut the wires, throw away your expensive traditional POS terminal, remove the bulky back office server and lose the large monthly service contract that has tied down your business and caused you endless headaches. It's time to love your business with Lavu.


Gordon Ramsay approved

Industry-leading hardware partners

Seamless integration with Quickbooks

Integrated mobile wallet payments


  • iPad POS Speeds Up Production
    Lavu iPad POS has been implemented in eight Wharf Express franchise locations. "It helps us identify best sellers in different markets. Lavu is an efficient and cost effective point of sale solution."

    / The Wharf Express

  • table-side restaurant point of sale
    Stroup was instantly impressed with how Lavu iPad POS helped improve customer service efficiency. “The handheld devices were especially helpful. They make service in my bar top notch because employees can spend more time with their guests and less time at the computers ringing things in.”

    / The Clubhouse

  • testimonial_2
    “When it came time for expansion Lavu iPad POS was not only great for the price point but also easy to duplicate for different locations. It took a simple phone call and we were able to have our entire ingredient list, menu items, and other modifications duplicated over to the new location.”

    / Shake Smart

  • Multiple Location point of sale
    "Intelligentsia is a premium brand with discerning customers who are often very tech savvy. They expect us to have a leading edge POS solution that works well. Lavu's iPad-based solution not only meets the aesthetic demands of our award-winning retail stores, but in addition the backend management interface allows our retail management team to monitor sales and customer traffic in real time,” reports Andrew of Intelligentsia.“We've converted all of our stores to Lavu, with some installs taking as little as an hour after the store is closed.”

    / Intelligentsia Coffee


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